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The museum, billed as Asia’s premier art institution, faced construction delays and personnel problems. Now it faces its greatest challenge: the threat of censorship.

11/12/2021 4:00:38 AM

For decades this social critic has addressed the powerful influence of media, consumerism and politics. Her work anticipated how images and ideas are now disseminated.

11/11/2021 11:42:30 PM

Nick Relph’s new book, “Eclipse Body & Soul Syntax,” collects years of digital street scans of New York City construction posters, an eerie portrait of a supersizing metropolis.

11/12/2021 7:39:26 AM

An Italian city rejected a request from the Chinese Embassy in Rome to cancel an exhibition by Badiucao, an artist who has been described as the Chinese Banksy.

11/12/2021 6:58:51 AM

On Park Avenue, booths display an intersection of design and art, from Japanese metalwork to an American artist who trained with Tiffany.

11/11/2021 1:21:19 PM

Museums striving for diversity and inclusiveness are bringing in outside voices to interpret the art. (They’re not always experts.)

11/11/2021 7:38:14 AM

Don’t miss Reynaldo Rivera’s photos of 1970s drag bars, Genieve Figgis’s mordant gentry paintings, plus more exhibitions this weekend.

11/10/2021 7:31:47 PM

The president’s son has turned to art as a career. “The Journey Home” is his first solo exhibition.

11/5/2021 12:10:10 PM

“Fashion wasn’t anything I wanted to be involved with,” she says. Yet the visually arresting images in “Wonderland,” her new book and collection, may be her strongest work.

11/4/2021 11:20:49 PM

The United States now allows vaccinated international travelers into the country. It’s welcome news for arts institutions that lost revenue and cut jobs during the pandemic.

11/12/2021 11:00:12 AM