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Welcome to The Florida Real Estate Store and Property Management Services.

With today's changing real estate market we can help with a strategic plan for your personal investment(s).

Our rental and property management divisions offer a full line of services for minimal prices so you can maximize the most profit on your investment(s) while we do all the work and let you enjoy being a landlord by collecting a check every month.

We have the best trained agents in the field with the highest regard for their clients best interests and property's preservation.

With top of the line real estate experts, that work hand and hand with the industries top mortgage and title experts for services that can't be beat!

Come see why we are the one stop shop for all your real estate needs.


We do it all....Investment Properties, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Lender Owned, Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, Vacant land, Property Management, Rentals, New Construction and more.

We offer professional courteous service that places us at the top of Florida's Real Estate Industry.

We have the latest lender owned homes available to the market if you are looking for a quick closing on a good investment.  We can have a qualified tenant lined up for the rental before you even close on the property.

We also offer a short sale team that can't be beat ! If you or someone you know are behind on your mortgage or have questions about the process- Do Not Delay ! Do not let your home go into foreclosure ! We have options that can save your home.

Call us today to discuss your home AT NO COST and stop foreclosure from ruining your credit....it does not cost you a thing so what do you have to lose except YOUR HOUSE IF YOU DO NOTHING! Put our experts to work for you today and give your family peace of mind.

We look forward to making your real estate experience a great one!

Margaret Reyes

Licensed Broker, Owner

Anthony Adamo

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Manager


Buyers FAQ - Should I buy a short sale or lender owned home?

Every buyers situation is different. Before a buyer can determine whether a short sale or a lender owned home would be the best purchase for them, they should first know what each one is and the expected time frame involved. A short sale means the seller's lender is accepting less than the mortgage balance to release an existing mortgage. Just because a property is listed with short sale terms does not mean the lender will accept your offer, even if the seller accepts it. Lender acceptance may depend on several elements of your offer as well such as the percentage of your down payment, closing date, other negotiated terms, and possibly whether or not you are pre-approved for a mortgage. A short sale can take 2 months to 12 months from start to close. A lender owned home or bank owned home is one that a lender takes ownership of a property, either through an agreement with the owner during pre-foreclosure or at public auction, the lender will usually want to re-sell the property to recover the unpaid loan amount. The lender will then typically clear the title and perform needed maintenance and repair before finally listing the home for sale with a local realtor. A lender owned home can usually close under 30 days. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both purchasing a short sale and a lender owned home. The answer on which would be best to purchase is different for each buyer depending on their situation. Want to explore your current options? Contact a local real estate professional who has expertise working with short sales and lender owned homes.

Advertising Is Everything

When selling your property the most important decision you'll make is choosing the right Realtor to market your property. The Florida Real Estate Store advertises our listings on all the top Real Estate Web sites. We advertise our listings all over the United States bringing buyers from all over. We qualify each and every one so only qualified buyers are viewing your home. When you need dependable, honest, experienced professionals to answer your Real Estate and Mortgage questions don't hesitate to contact The Florida Real Estate Store. We will sell your current home and help you locate your next one. We are your one stop for all your real estate needs including Sales, Rentals, Property Management and Investment Properties.

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